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Kalamazoo Pest Control

In the Kalamazoo, MI area there has been one leader in the pest control industry, Rose Pest Solutions. We remain on the cutting edge of the industry in customer service, technology, techniques, as well as being environmentally friendly. We provide both residential and commercial services for every common type of pest including bed bugsrodentsantstermitesstinging insects, and pantry pests. No matter the size or difficulty of the job at hand, we are firmly committed to providing you the best customer service around, and as such we will work to develop a pest control plan tailored specifically for your needs.

Home Pest Control In Kalamazoo MI

Every homeowner knows that one of the worst feelings is when you know that your home is infested. Potentially damaging to your home and property, dangerous to your pets and family, and not to mention a downright nuisance, pests are something no homeowner wants to deal with. Because we understand this, we have developed a home pest control program just for you. When you schedule an appointment, we come to your house and screen for potential problem areas in your home and provide you a written report of our findings, including what we can do to prevent infestations in the future. From these findings we develop a personalized program for your property that will cover most common household pests and, if you should encounter a pest problem in the future, we will return to deal with it, free of charge! It is just another way that Rose Pest Solutions is committed to the best possible customer service.

Kalamazoo Termite Control

Each year property owners all over the United States are devastated with damages caused by termites. In fact, termites are known as the most damaging pest in America, causing billions of dollars worth of property damage nationwide. And to compound problems, most homeowners insurance doesn’t cover damage done by termites. Luckily, we at Rose Pest Solutions offers a comprehensive and extremely effective termite control service in Kalamazoo. We use something called the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System, proven to be among the best in the industry at destroying the entire colony of these wood destroying insects. To learn more about our termite services, contact us today.

Bed Bug Treatments Kalamazoo

An ever increasing problem facing anybody that travels frequently are bed bugs. The combination of their reclusiveness, the way they spread, and the way they breed make these little guys a terror to come across. They will often be picked up in a commonly used public area such as a taxi, bus, or hotel room and brought home with you. Because they hide so well, bed bugs are nearly impossible to treat without professional help. The biggest step you can take to minimize the impact of them in your home is early detection and treatment as soon as possible. Some common signs of bed bugs are dried husks left in your bed, blood spots on your sheets, and small bumps on your body. If you suspect you may have bed bugs, we can use our canine team for a bed bug dog inspection. These highly trained canines can literally smell where in your house the bed bugs may be hiding. If we do find that bed bugs are present, we offer bed bug treatments to ensure that you get rid of bed bugs quickly and for good. Call today to find out more about bed bugs in Kalamazoo.

Commercial Pest Control Kalamazoo MI

We also have a vast array of experience in commercial pest control. No matter what the industry, we can draw up a customized program to ensure you get the best possible service. In fact, we keep three senior Board Certified Entomologists on our team in order to give the best and safest pest management available. The different industries we have provided pest control services for include:

  • Food Processing Facilities

  • Restaurants

  • Hotel/Motels

  • Health Care Facilities

  • Schools, Colleges, Private Universities

  • Property Management

  • Construction Site Locations

  • Distribution & Warehousing Facilities

  • Manufacturing Facilities

Simply call today and find out how we can protect your business from the threat of pests.

Kalamazoo Wildlife Removal Services

There are several types of wildlife that may try to invade your home. Wild animals such as squirrels, chipmunksbats, and even raccoons are all common types of animals that may try to make their way into your home. In order to prevent undue stress or harm to your family, pets or employees, as well as damage to your building, don’t waste any time; contact Rose Pest Solutions for wildlife removal in Kalamazoo.

For additional information on pest control in Kalamazoo MI, contact Rose today!