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Cincinnati, Ohio Pest Control

As a locally owned and operated Ohio pest control company, Rose Pest Solutions of Cincinnati, OH has been providing commercial and residential pest control remedies since 1860. At Rose, we take pride in offering our customers professional Cincinnati pest control services using the latest eco-friendly exterminating products and techniques. Our pest removal services are highly effective yet safe for people, pets, and our environment. Whether antscockroaches or mice have infested your Cincinnati home or business, Rose Pest Solutions will eradicate your pest problems.

Residential Pest Control

For over a century we’ve been offering Cincinnati pest control and have seen the damaging effects pests like rodents and carpenter ants can have on homes and because of this, we have created our residential pest control services. We provide general pest control services to eliminate ants, spiders, and wasps as well as other insects and rodents that have entered your Cincinnati home and we can even service more complex infestations. No matter what type of infestation problem you have or how serious it is, Rose Pest will work with you to eliminate your pest problems. As longtime Cincinnati exterminators, we are ready to eradicate and prevent infestations with home pest control that is tailored to your individual needs.

Bed Bug Treatment

Throughout the nation, bed bugs have become a serious problem and Cincinnati and the rest of Ohio are no exception. These pests reproduce rapidly and will move around your home during the nighttime hours, using human blood as their food source. Bed bugs are rapidly infesting the residential and commercial dwellings in Cincinnati including, but not limited to:

  • Retail Stores

  • Office Buildings

  • Movie Theaters

  • Hospitals

  • Hotels & Other Commercial Lodgings

  • Apartment Buildings

  • Grocery Stores And Restaurants

Bed bugs are difficult to locate and even more difficult to eradicate, due to their elusive nature and their ability to conceal themselves in furniture crevices, under floors, and behind electrical outlets. At Rose Pest Solutions, we understand how imperative it is to get rid of bed bugs in Cincinnati. We have developed our Cincinnati bed bug control services to completely eliminate bed bug infestations and we also offer extremely effective bed bug heat treatments in Cincinnati. Our Cincinnati bed bug treatment, followed by our detailed follow-up care makes certain that your home or business will be bed bug-free. For more information on our residential or commercial bed bug control services, please contact us.

Commercial Pest Control

At Rose Pest Solutions, we offer many commercial pest management services for Cincinnati’s commercial and industrial facilities including our Drain Line Bioremediation ServicesBird Removal, and Fly Management. Our Cincinnati pest control services for businesses are overseen by our Board Certified Entomologists and are designed to thwart bird, rodent and insect infestations in all types of commercial and industrial facilities in Cincinnati and all of Ohio, including:

  • Construction Sites

  • Restaurants

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Hotels, Motels & Other Commercial Lodgings

As a full-service Cincinnati pest control company, we are a comprehensive pest control solution for all commercial pest problems. We provide treatments and solutions that are tailored to your specific company’s needs and pest issues, no matter how large your company or severe your pest infestation. Rose Pest Solutions in Cincinnati takes pride in being able to provide you with premier quality pest control services that will guard your business against pests like rats, mosquitoes, and pigeons.

Termite Prevention and Treatment

Termites are one of the most economically devastating insects in Cincinnati and throughout the entire United States.  It is estimated that they cause nearly 5 billion dollars in damages each year; more than tornadoes, hurricanes, fires and earthquakes combined.  Rose Pest Solutions employs experienced termite control specialists, trained to identify these wood-destroying insects and help you get rid of termites using the most powerful tool available: the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System.  The Sentricon® System is the environmentally friendly way to eliminate termites from your property because unlike traditional termite treatments, it utilizes just a few grams of active ingredient rather than gallons of chemicals.  Our residential termite control services include:

  • Initial inspection to confirm termite activity around your home

  • Detailed evaluation to determine how severe your termite problem may be

  • A customized termite elimination plan

If you have noticed the telltale signs of termite activity which can include sagging windows or doors, small holes in your wood surfaces and mud tubes along your foundation, don’t wait until the damage is too severe; contact Rose today.

Wildlife Removal 

If wild animals like raccoons, squirrels or skunks have found entrance into your business or your home, the best solution is to contact Rose Pest Solutions.  We are a Cincinnati wildlife removal company. At Rose Pest Solutions, our Cincinnati wildlife removal services for homes and businesses take aim at a wide variety of wildlife common to the Ohio area, including:

  • Raccoons

  • Skunks

  • Opossums

  • Squirrels
  • Bats

  • Moles

Our efficient Cincinnati wildlife control services identify and remove any wildlife problem in or around your Ohio property. Our professional team of wildlife removal specialists will help you defend your property from any further infestations by teaching you to identify and correct any conditions around your home or office that may attract wild animals.

Contact Rose Pest Solutions

At Rose Pest Solutions, we are dedicated to providing residential and commercial Cincinnati pest control services that are eco-friendly yet highly effective against pest problems, no matter how severe or how complex. To solve your current pest problem or to protect against infestations in the future, contact us today. We are proud to service the pest control needs of Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Dayton as well as all of Ohio.



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