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Do You Know Your Ants?

Key to controlling ants is knowing what kind you're dealing with.




If you do find signs of an ant infestation in your home, contact Rose Pest Solutions promptly. We will be able to inspect your home, perform proper ant species identification, and recommend a course of ant control treatment.

Use this guide to identify what kind of ants your see or call Rose Pest Solutions.

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Termite Facts and Prevention Tips.




Rose Pest Solutions promotes termite awareness in March with these helpful tips.

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Rise And Shine, Bugs! Your Spring Pest Prevention Guide




Spring is a time of new beginnings. The warm weather wakes inside us a renewed desire to get things accomplished. But our desire isn't the only thing it wakes up. All those pests that hid under the bark of trees, in knot holes, in logs, and in the wall voids and attics of the houses on your street, are ready to take on a new year. But before they start bugging you--quite literally--it is time to do a little prep around the house to keep those little home wreckers at bay.

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Save Money With Proactive Bed Bug Detection




Bed bugs are a pernicious insect to get rid of. They hide in electrical outlets, behind baseboards, under rugs, in fixtures, and can move to other rooms through wall voids. And, if given access to a food source, bed bugs can grow their population rapidly. These bugs begin to mate in under a month, and a single female can produce as many 4000 babies in a 6 month period. That means an infestation can grow from 1 to 1200 bugs in under 3 months, and spike up sharply from there. This can be a nightmare for property owners, and anyone in hospitality management. But I have good news for you. Pest management companies are learning how to stop bed bug infestation before they begin.

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