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Spring Pest Problems




As the weather begins to heat up, spring pests begin to make their appearances. Hopefully you made it through the winter without pest sightings but when the air becomes warmer in the spring, many pests are going to wake up from their long winter nap and get busy back to work, searching for food, mating, and maybe even invading your home.

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Bed Bug Travel Warning




If you will be traveling anywhere in the world during spring break, you need to be aware that bed bugs can not only ruin your stay but travel home with you. Most infestations that happen in homes can be prevented by these simple travel tips.


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If You Have Stink Bugs, Leave The Stink To Us




Have you been seeing stink bugs? At this time of year, stink bugs looking for protection from the cooler temperatures that we’ve been experiencing and your house seems like an excellent winter vacation home. At first you may see stink bugs huddling in large numbers on the sunniest side of your home. Slowly they will be working their way into your home through cracks and crevices and other entry points.

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What's the difference between bees and wasps?

Both are beneficial pollinators but it's important to be able to identify which one you are dealing with.




Not sure how to tell the difference between a wasp and a bee? Check out this graphic from Rose Pest Solutions.

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