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Students get schooled about bugs


Sounds filled the Sacred Heart Elementary School gym last week as students received a…More

WTOV-TV: School takes precautionary measures for bed bugs


Parents of Toronto High School students were informed of a bed bug being found on a…More

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How To Get Rid Of Ants In The Kitchen

There are some household pests that are a nuisance while there are others that can be very destructive. The ant falls into the category of being both a nuisance and a destructive pest. For example, the sugar ant is a nuisance and will quickly take over your kitchen while the carpenter ant is a…More

Why DIY Bed Bug Control Is NOT A Good Plan

Most do-it-yourselfers feel like they can tackle any project. Its always nice to brag to your friends, family (and pretty much anyone who will listen) about the newest and most clever DIY project you’ve accomplished. Pinterest is a social media platform that was created for that super-creative…More

Are Small Ants In The House Easy To Control?

Got ants? In the spring, a lot of people do! They sneak inside through cracks and crevices around the exterior of your home and they go searching for something yummy to eat. Ants in the kitchen are quite common. They may be entering your kitchen through a tiny crack in the basement foundation, or…More

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Quality Pest Control Services Since 1860

Rose Pest Solutions, a leading Michigan pest control company with over 150 years in the pest control industry, takes pride in delivering pest control services that will get rid of carpenter ants as well as other types of ants, spiders, termites and bed bugs as well as rodents and wildlife that home and business owners in our region contend with.   

Rose Offers Ant Control, Bed Bug Solutions, Termite Control And More

At Rose, we understand just how much of a pest insects, rodents and wildlife can be for homes and businesses and that is why we offer residential and commercial pest control services that are designed to control and prevent unwanted and potentially damaging pests including ants, bed bugs, termites, mice and raccoons. We also take pride in offering industry solutions for health care facilities, food and beverage processing facilities and restaurants as well as educational facilities and more.  For Michigan pest control, Ohio pest control and service throughout our coverage area, trust Rose Pest Solutions!

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Rose's Pest Control And Wildlife Coverage Area

Rose's coverage area includes: Michigan, Ohio and Indiana as well as parts of Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  To find out if Rose services in your area or to locate the Rose service center nearest you, please click here.