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Pest control company to give away Madagascar hissing cockroaches to schools


In an effort to stress the importance of science in the classroom while promoting the…More

Construction drives rats into Livonia neighborhoods


As if looking at torn up I-96 and all of the construction being done next to Jack…More

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Rise And Shine, Bugs! Your Spring Pest Prevention Guide

Spring is a time of new beginnings. The warm weather wakes inside us a renewed desire to get things accomplished. But our desire isn't the only thing it wakes up. All those pests that hid under the bark of trees, in knot holes, in logs, and in the wall voids and attics of the houses on your street,…More

Save Money With Proactive Bed Bug Detection

Bed bugs are a pernicious insect to get rid of. They hide in electrical outlets, behind baseboards, under rugs, in fixtures, and can move to other rooms through wall voids. And, if given access to a food source, bed bugs can grow their population rapidly. These bugs begin to mate in under a month…More

Prevent Pantry Pests

There are a large variety of pests that are attracted to flour, spices, cereals, chocolate, dried fruits, sugar, and other items you keep in your pantry. Some can come in through the walls. Others squeeze under the door. But a surprising number of pantry infestations begin at the grocery store, with…More

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Quality Pest Control Services Since 1860

Rose Pest Solutions, a leading Michigan pest control company with over 150 years in the pest control industry, takes pride in delivering pest control services that will get rid of insects, rodents and wildlife that home and business owners in our region contend with.   

Rose Offers Ant Control, Bed Bug Solutions, Termite Control And More

At Rose, we understand just how much of a pest insects, rodents and wildlife can be for homes and businesses and that is why we offer pest control services that are designed to control and prevent unwanted and potentially damaging pests.   To find out how we can help you protect your home and family with our home pest control services, please click here.  Are you a business owner or manager? Rose delivers effective pest solutions for commercial and industrial facilities.  Learn more about our commercial pest control services

Rose's Pest Control And Wildlife Coverage Area

Rose's coverage area includes: Michigan, Ohio and Indiana as well as parts of Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  To find out if Rose services in your area or to locate the Rose service center nearest you, please click here.