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What is a ladybug?

Members of the Coccinellidae family of beetles, ladybugs (or lady beetles as preferred by some scientists) range from 1/32 to just under 1/2 an inch and are most commonly scarlet, orange or yellow with small black spots on their wing covers. The legs, head and antennae are usually black. Over 5,000 species of ladybugs are found all over the world with more than 450 native to North America alone. Several of these species are considered pests in Europe and North America, but ladybugs are generally considered useful insects as many species feed on aphids, scale insects, mealybugs and mites which are pests in gardens, orchards and fields. The Mall of America, for instance, has released over one million ladybugs into its indoor park as a natural means of pest control for its gardens since they were built in 1992.

Why do I have them?

Most types of native Ladybug are considered to be typically benign but the type of Ladybug that tends to be a pest was introduced to North America in the Twentieth Century as a method of aphid control on agricultural crops. The numbers of these aphid eating Ladybugs increased dramatically due to its habit of surviving the Winter by taking shelter on the South facing exterior walls of structures or by moving inside the building where conditions were more favorable for hibernation.Lady Bugs in Columbus OH

Are they dangerous?

No, ladybugs are not a danger to humans or animals. According to some reports, the multicolored “Asian lady beetle” has been known to give a nip or bite to humans but this is a very rare occurrence and is not considered to be a danger as they do not carry any diseases or parasites known to be a health hazard to health. The primary concerns with ladybugs are the mess and nuisance they can create.

How do you get rid of ladybugs?

Ladybugs will normally leave their hibernation place and venture back outside as days get longer and warmer in spring, but that leaves the whole winter with a ladybug infestation problem. They do not create nests but rather aggregate on the south faces of large objects such as trees or houses and also inside structures. For that reason, having no central “nest” to dispose of, ridding a property of ladybugs can be a difficult task and Rose Pest Solutions created the ladybug program specifically to meet that need. Contact us today to learn more about our services in Cleveland, Detroit, Columbus, and throughout our service area.

Can I do it myself?

Although ladybug removal can be attempted safely by the Do-It-Yourself approach it is not advised, so for the quickest and most thorough removal service, you can rely on Rose Pest Solutions. You should be aware that when buying pesticides and other pest control products to Do-It-Yourself, many are not effective and that pesticides can be harmful or deadly to humans and pets if they are mixed improperly or misused.

How soon can you get here?

Rose Pest Solutions is committed to helping you when you most need us, and in many cases we can respond within 24-48 hours.

Is the treatment safe?

Rose Pest Solutions utilizes the latest pest control methods and all of the products we use have been thoroughly checked and registered by the EPA. We follow very strict guidelines for the use of the product to ensure that it poses no health threat to people, pets or plants. Our highly trained service professionals will inform you of any safety measures that may need to be taken.

How can I prevent this in the future?

Little can realistically be done to prevent ladybugs from entering your home. For that reason, increased vigilance in the run up to winter and contacting Rose Pest Solutions at the first sign of trouble is the best course of action.



"Gary and I have had our home in the care of Rose Pest Solutions for the last 4 yrs. We have been very pleased with our service with Rose. Lynn B. has always been prompt, courteous, and very responsive to our needs. We live in a large home with quite a few storage rooms; which is surrounded by a very wooded lot. We are literally "renting from the critters"; so we do have issues with them from time to time. As I said to Lynn today on the phone, we loved Troy, a former tech for us for the last 3 yrs. Troy has moved on, and Mike is the tech who has taken care of us in this last year. We could not be MORE PLEASED with his informative, easy going abilities to deal with "unpleasant situations".

Just wanted to pass along our satisfaction.