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What are earwigs?

Earwigs are nocturnal insects commonly found in high moisture areas near human dwellings. They are omnivorous feeding on both plants and other insects living and dead. Contrary to the old wives tales, earwigs do not intentionally crawl into your ears and they do not eat your brains, their omnivory notwithstanding. Their most prominent feature is a pair of large forceps-like appendages protruding from out the back. 

Why do I have them?Earwigs in Michigan

If you see earwigs inside your home it is almost always because you have A LOT of earwigs outside your home. They reproduce in high moisture areas, but will forage all over for food and can frequently end up inside a home.

Are they dangerous?

No. Earwigs are considered nuisance pests.  They may try to use their cerci to pinch people, but this isn’t considered harmful as the cerci usually doesn’t have the ability to pierce skin and there is no venom.  Earwigs are mostly known for their destructive abilities in your household plants and gardens.  They can damage delicate blossoms and will feed on decaying organic material.

How do you get rid of earwigs?

The best way to remove earwigs from your home or business is to first control the earwig population you have surrounding your building.  Limiting the possible entry points in your structure can also be beneficial in keeping earwigs out of your space.  Sealing all unnecessary holes or gaps in the structure will help to limit the possibility of an earwig infestation. 

Can I do it myself?

Yes! You will need to eliminate the high moisture areas around your house and you will need to thoroughly seal and screen off entry points into your home. Insecticide treatments can be helpful, but you will need to apply to all appropriate areas. Be sure to read and carefully follow label directions if using a pesticide. If your landscaping favors the earwigs, this could be a long hard job. You will be better served by contacting Rose Pest Solutions first.

How soon can you get here?

Rose Pest Solutions is committed to helping you with your earwig and other pest problems as soon as possible and in many cases we can respond within 24-48 hoursContact us today to schedule an appointment!

Is the treatment safe?

Your safety and comfort during any treatment are top priorities. If pesticides are required they will meet EPA registration requirements and be used according to all label directions. Should any treatment require additional precautions they will be discussed with you at the time of treatment and a written copy will be provided as well.

How can I prevent this in the future?

Keeping the area around your house dry will help prevent future infestations. Earwigs are very attracted to moisture and large populations may be present around building foundations, landscaped yards and wood piles. Eliminating wet conditions in crawl spaces beneath buildings, around rain gutters and faucets can help in pest prevention. Remove old mulch before adding new mulch. Caulking compound around windows, doors, pipes and other entry sites will eliminate the possibility of pest invasion, especially around ground level.  You can also contact Rose Pest Solutions and ask about our Integrated Pest Management Home Protection Program.