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Bed bug epidemic in Mid-Michigan

Friday, September 3, 2010

Story By Jessica Harthorn

GRAND BLANC -- This story will make your skin crawl.

Bed bugs have infested the Mid-West, and there is an epidemic in Mid-Michigan.

NBC25 found out how to prevent bed bugs, how to spot them, and the most effective way to get rid of them.

"Bed bugs, bed bugs they're in your bed today, bed bugs, bed bugs it's a crazy game you play!"

What once was a childhood game has now become an epidemic in Michigan.

 “By the time you recognize you have them, you've probably had them for awhile,” said Entomologist Mark Sheperdigian with Rose Pest Solutions.

Entomologist Mark Sheperdigian says anyone can get bed bugs because they're excellent hitchhikers.

“The most common way to get bed bugs is to go visit a place that has them, and bring them home in your belongings, or have someone that has them come visit you,” said Sheperdigian.

In Detroit bed-bugs have become so bad the mail service has stopped delivering to some communities, and entire buildings have been evacuated.

“When we see people that have bed bugs they can be driven to the psychological brink of their limitations,” said Sheperdigian.

This is what they look like.

“The spotting, you will actually see that before you see bed bugs in most cases. You will see it on your bed, on your pillow.” “Is that bed bug feces?” “That is what that is.”

You look for them along the piping of a mattress.

“And if you take it slow and easy, you will see them,” said Sheperdigian.

They’re In the zippers of your suitcase and on the legs of your furniture.

“I always like to look in the cracks and crevices, because that's where bed bugs like to hide,” said Sheperdigian.

 Here's a disturbing thought, if you live in an apartment complex and the guys next door have bed bugs, they can come to see you too, that's because bed bugs like to crawl through the walls and up through the carpet.

The good news is bed bugs haven’t been found to transmit any diseases.

And a bite may leave you with just a red, itchy welt.

The bad news is they live up to 18 months and are very hard to get rid of.

“The best thing to do is become educated, vigilant, and don't become too upset, too compulsive, too obsessed about this, or we will just drive ourselves nuts,” said Sheperdigian.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Entomologists say the best way to get rid of bed-bugs is to higher a professional to heat your home to 120 degrees, but it's not 100% effective.

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