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UPDATE: Pest management/exterminator companies have been designated by Homeland Security and state agencies as essential services.

During this time, Rose Pest Solutions, a leader in the industry, continues to protect human health through responsible and careful efforts to manage pest populations that can spread human illness. While some protocols may vary from the usual in order to minimize the potential for client and technician exposure to COVID-19, we remain on the front lines daily in the fight to protect our communities.

A Message To Our Clients-COVID-19

To our Valued Clients

At Rose Pest Solutions, the health and well-being of our clients has been our top priority for 160 years. In light of continuously-evolving COVID-19 concerns and the ever-increasing emphasis on social distancing, we want to share important information about how Rose is following recommended workplace strategies outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other health authorities to ensure your pest management needs are handled appropriately.

Rose Pest Solutions remains dedicated to protecting you and your property while safeguarding against any interruption in your service by implementing these guidelines:

  • Any client scheduled for an interior service will be contacted in advance to ensure everyone in your home is healthy and prepared to receive service.
  • Rose technicians diligently wash their hands as a safety requirement connected with our industry.
  • Out of respect for you and your home, our technicians will continue to wear booties over their shoes and nitrile gloves for added protection. Masks are also available for technicians to wear upon request.
  • Rose has mandated that any group meetings involving employees, outside vendors and business partners either be rescheduled or conducted remotely as video or conference calls.
  • One change you will notice is at the completion of our service. We have instructed our technicians to ask for your name and to enter it on the signature line of the service report as a way to minimize exposure from handling the device, and still acknowledge completion of the service.

With spring’s arrival, it’s worth noting that as part of our regular service protocol, the majority of Rose’s pest management service is to your home’s exterior, thereby reducing the need for technicians to enter your home. This is the time of year that exterior treatments can prevent problems from a variety of pests.

It’s important to remember that exposure to pests like rodents, cockroaches and bed bugs are a public health concern and create issues for the general public daily. Rose is continually working toward a pest-free environment for our clients’ ease of mind and protection of their health. Continuing to serve you in accordance with CDC guidelines throughout this crisis will ensure you can avoid pest problems that threaten your well-being in the weeks and months to come. Please know we respect our clients’ concerns for their health and their employee’s health, and we would do nothing to compromise this.

We value your patronage and will work with you to provide a safe and healthy environment for you and your family.

James R Ives,  

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President, Rose Pest Solutions.





Why are you out working, shouldn’t you be staying at home?

Pest management is an essential service and uninterrupted treatment is crucial. Rats, mice, cockroaches and bed bugs are just a few pests that can render a home uninhabitable or shutter a business without proper treatment.


Will it put me at risk to have a technician come to my business to provide service?

No, but it’s a fair question. We conduct and document daily screenings of our technicians and strictly enforce our policy of staying home when sick or if there has been any potential exposure to COVID-19. Rose field technicians strictly adhere to all safety and mitigation protocols set forth by the CDC.


What if I just skip this service?

Many common pests such as rats, mice, and roaches need only a foothold in your building before they begin to multiply. Just one extra month of undetected activity can be the difference between an incident and a crisis.


We are closed for the time being, do I still need the service?

Even though you aren’t at work, many common pests are. In fact, they do their dirtiest work when no one is looking. A few weeks on their own is enough time for them to become entrenched, requiring more extensive work to eliminate later. Staying on your regular treatment schedule is the best course of action to keep pests at bay.


Will it put me at risk to have a technician come to my home to provide service?

We are strict practitioners of safety protocols and follow all CDC recommendations closely. During this pandemic, if you have no pest activity inside, we will limit our activity to the outside. As the world transitions out of winter, most of the action takes place outside anyway. We will carefully attend to tasks that protect against pest incursion from the exterior and leave the interior alone unless you have specific pest activity that needs to be addressed. This allows for the most important work to be done and keeps your program on track without any unnecessary exposure.


Aren’t you at risk going out to homes and businesses?

As previously mentioned, all Rose field technicians strictly adhere to CDC protocols. Rose has also put additional safety measures in place. We practice social distancing and have suspended the practice of personal signatures on our handheld devices. Personnel use a fresh pair of gloves for every stop and either wash hands or use hand sanitizer between visits. Our service vehicles and handheld devices are deeply sanitized every day. These practices allow us to safeguard all parties against COVID-19 and still perform necessary treatments that control pests and other potential health hazards.


Can pests spread the coronavirus?

There are many pests that carry a wide variety of diseases, but coronavirus is not one of them. However, some pests carry diseases far worse than COVID-19. Thus, it’s imperative to keep regular pest treatments in force.


Can mosquitoes spread the coronavirus?

No. But they can carry a lot of other lethal diseases, including West Nile, Zika, yellow fever and various strains of Encephalitis. So, it’s advisable to keep up with treatments during mosquito season.


Can pets spread the coronavirus?

While it might be possible for mammals to contract the virus, the chances are remote and extremely unlikely. Pets should be kept from close contact with anyone outside the family, including service providers like Rose. When a Rose technician is on your property, please have your pet inside or confined.