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Why DIY Rodent Control Is Not A Good Idea

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mice and rats are disease and bacteria carrying foragers. They will happily dig through a nasty dumpster, and then just as happily dig through your food drawers. The mouse that climbed through the septic pipe near the road, is the same mouse crawling over your plates. Families that have occasional mice problems, have a higher risk of health issues. What's worse, they don't even realize the mice are bringing the decay and rot into their home.

Times are tight, and more and more people are turning to do-it-yourself methods to fix their problems. If you have a rattle coming from behind the tire on your car, a creaky board in your living room, or unsightly marks on your bedroom wall, by all means, get on the internet and find out how you can fix those problems yourself. But getting rid of rodents is not something you want to risk doing wrong. The risks to your home, your health, and your family are too great.

If you live in a house that is more than twenty five years old, you've probably dealt with rodents at some point. They get in through rotted areas and gaps that have been created by the settling of your house, or through areas that have been chewed on by termites and ants.

Have you had to deal with rodents yet? What did you do? Did you stick a couple traps under your kitchen sink, or in the back of a drawer? That is what most people do. Hopefully, you didn't try using cheese as bait. Cheese is horrible bait. Most mice can get that off easily, without setting off a trap. Experienced mouse hunters use peanut butter, because it sticks to the latch, and mice like it as much as cheese. But even if you use the right bait, many homeowners still don't catch any mice, because they put the trap in the wrong place. Or worse, they catch a mouse by the leg; that is not something you want to open a drawer and find. Sadly, you won't usually find a struggling mouse, though. You'll only find a leg. Mice would rather chew off a limb than stay in a trap. That is horrifying for that poor little mouse, and for you. Plus, you still have a mice problem.

Let say you use the right bait, and you place your traps in a way that successfully kills mice humanely--in the blink of an eye--you're still left wondering if you got them all, and whether or not they'll get in again. A trained pest professional has the experience to show you how to seal your home from further infestations, and to fully remove your current threat, in a way that is both thorough, and humane to the mice. You won't have to wonder if the problem is gone, and you won't have to wonder if your family is safe. Don't trust your family's health to do-it-yourself methods. Some things are just too important.

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